Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Doc Fuzzy Toes?

I am a practicing small animal veterinarian and Chief of Staff at the practice at which I am employed. I am a mother of two little nuggets of the human variety, and have two fur babies that complete our family. I am an avid cook, but kill every plant I try to grow.

Does this blog provide specific medical advice or treat sick pets?

No. Unfortunately you will still have to visit your local vet for that. I am simply here to share news and updates in veterinary medicine. While I will undoubtedly share my opinion and knowledge on a variety of veterinary topics, this does not substitute for a veterinary visit.

Can I ask Doc Fuzzy Toes a question?

Well, that depend. I will happily answer questions you may have about the information provided in this blog. Once again, this blog is not intended to serve as a substitute for appropriate medical. This means I cannot specific questions about the diagnosis or treatment of your pet. However, I am open to new blog ideas.

How do I contact Doc Fuzzy Toes?

You may reach me at or on my social media profiles.