About Doc Fuzzy Toes

About Doc Fuzzy Toes

Hello! It’s nice to meet you. I imagine you wandered over here looking for a little bit of background on the person behind the website. So let’s get to it.

I am a small animal veterinarian that works full-time in a primary care animal hospital. The majority of my patients are dogs and cats, but occasionally other furry (and scales for that matter) friends make their way into my exam room. If you ask my dad, he will be quick to tell you that I graduated Valedictorian of my veterinary school class. However, I would argue that I have learned volumes more during my time in practice.

I am also a mother. I have two little troublemakers that call me mom. Well, scratch that. One calls me mom, the other only says DADADADADA. Because I have babies of both the human and animal kind, I am passionate about demonstrating loving and compassionate interactions with animals.

Why Start a Blog?

I have been practicing veterinary medicine for some time now. While I wholeheartedly agree that ‘practice’ is a more appropriate term than ‘mastery’ when it comes to medicine, I have noticed that I spend a good portion of my day relaying information. Often times the same information.

In the spring, I talk a lot about seasonal allergies and ear infections. Around the Holidays, the topics shift to training a new puppy and dietary indiscretion. Many of my clients share the same questions and concerns, which got me thinking about all the other people that likely do as well.

So, here I am. Only time will tell what it will develop into. With any luck, I will share my passion for animal health and meet some great people along the way.

Meet My Team

You can sure gain a lot of insight from the animals behind the person. This is why I would like to introduce you to my furry team. Without further ado, meet my pack.
Buck “Bucky” Steinbrenner

“It isn’t wrapped in chains and locks, they must have left it for me to eat.”

Buck was naughty for as long as we knew him, constantly outsmarting us in all things snack related. A chocolate cake under a heavy glass dome? A baguette on top of the refrigerator? A case of canned cat food? A thanksgiving turkey brining in a cooler? The replacement cooking in the over. Yep.

Midge “Midgey” Fuzzytoes

“I may be part cat, as I love to give lick baths. Would you like one?”

I adopted Midgey as a companion while in vet school. At first, she was so timid she spent the first 6 months pinned against the floor. Now, despite her failing hearing and vision, she runs the joint as the matriarch of the household. She has no qualms about skipping food from her tiny human friends.

Miss Birdie “Mimi LaRue” II

“brrrRahhht, BRRRAHHHT. Feed me! Can we consider adding in Brunch? Lupper?”

Mimi LaRue got her namesake from a feral cat we took in during a particularly cold Detroit winter. She adapted to the good life pretty quick and lived with us for several years until she eventually passed. I rescued Mimi LaRue at the end of Veterinary School, after spaying her during our surgery lab.